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Hello, I hope you like the things I make, but if you don't that's fine too. Have an amazing day, yo!

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Posted by Tosmatobeef - April 9th, 2017

Hello again, Newgrounds!

I've been wasting my time in college and have grown apart from this awesome community. blah blah, busy with school, blah blah job hunting or whatever...

Anyway, I want to be part of the community and post content again because I remember that being really fun and the friends I made here are awesome! I don't expect most people to really know (since I have/had a small following), but I used to focus my time on animation and music. I still love animating, but I've grown a stronger interest in game development. I could go on about my background, but that's fairly irrelevent.

In short, I am now focusing my attention toward game development, and I'd love to talk to more gamedevs!


Disclaimer: I'm not a child, if you're not a gamedev or a creative, you're still a cool person and worth talking to.

Have an amazing day, yo!

Discord code: CaperCube#8876

Posted by Tosmatobeef - April 15th, 2015

Hello other people,

2 things here,

1: I'm going to pico day, so if you're going and you see me, come say "Hey, you're that one guy!" and I'll give you a high five or something like that.

2: I might have a video out before then, who knows.


my freaking face

Posted by Tosmatobeef - December 24th, 2014

Merry Krampus everone! This time of year is basically just for nog, so go get some.

I have three newsy bits:

I got a Cintiq 12wx recently! That'll help speed things up.

My Good Boy Bart video is coming along at a very casual pace, and I'm not really too dssapointed about that. I've been fixing things here and there that I didn't do too well earlier and updating the art style a bit as well. Also, BooneBum was very kind to offer his help and has done an excellent job on the guide animation. Basically it is about 60-70% complete, but I will try to work more stedily on it on my break. <ScreenShot>

I've been busy with school lately and kinda lost my animation grove, but I've done a few exercies to warm up, and I've been getting back at it. I've been trying to get as comfortable as possible with AfterEffects, so I might post some of that stuff soon'ish.


Also, if you REALLY want to look at something, I have do have this.

Happy holidays, and don't die!

Posted by Tosmatobeef - August 23rd, 2014

Here's a little update for you peoples.  I just recently got settled in my new place at college and finished up orientation week. My classes start in a few days, so then I'll have that to deal with as well. I'm not gonna go into detail, but I've met some really cool people at school already, so I may do some collab content with them in the future.

Anyways, all this means is that I'm not going to make very many videos for obviouse reasons, but I DO have two things currently in progress.

One of them is a completely random thinger I'm working on with a few of my good friends including but not limited to Boonebum, TheSketchEffect, and Edatlin. It's based off of a comic I made in school one late night.

The other one isn't really anything, I wanted to make a series by myself that I could mess with and do whatever I want to, so I dug up some old comics I made (because apparently I'm lazy), and I started messin' around. The whole project stands on 10-year-old-me-over-the-top-random humor, so don't expect it to make any sence. In case you care, I finished the intro recently.


Posted by Tosmatobeef - May 31st, 2014

I learned alot from that last animation and it gave me some very much needed practice.  I'm not too bummed though, I'm thankfull for the opportunity and I'll give it a shot next year as well!  Mean time, I'm now a bit more free to work on personal project animations!! yaaaay!