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I'm back! / Shifting my focus

Posted by Tosmatobeef - April 9th, 2017

Hello again, Newgrounds!

I've been wasting my time in college and have grown apart from this awesome community. blah blah, busy with school, blah blah job hunting or whatever...

Anyway, I want to be part of the community and post content again because I remember that being really fun and the friends I made here are awesome! I don't expect most people to really know (since I have/had a small following), but I used to focus my time on animation and music. I still love animating, but I've grown a stronger interest in game development. I could go on about my background, but that's fairly irrelevent.

In short, I am now focusing my attention toward game development, and I'd love to talk to more gamedevs!


Disclaimer: I'm not a child, if you're not a gamedev or a creative, you're still a cool person and worth talking to.

Have an amazing day, yo!

Discord code: CaperCube#8876

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Also, I guess I like saying "Have an amazing day, yo!" now... huh

I recently returned too! Welcome back :)

I also think we should connect, one of my games is going viral... so maybe we could collab on some spin offs? However.. it's extremely vulgar.. and I wouldn't want to ruin your image lol


Hey babe

Yaay ~ ~ !

I've been looking for projects in need of music and SFX. If interested, hit me up! Also, I write scripts -- the literary and theatrical kind. Pretty much game for anything but programming games themselves, including making backgrounds, assets, etc.

Sweet! Gamedev is fun!

It is very fun...and HOLY POOP, VR game dev is incredible!

I'm trying to get back into the sort of stuff agian aswell, since I'm just finishing up my first year at sherdian. We should call up some time soon and catch up.

indeed, this sounds like a good idea

Hey, i adore your FeedBack song.
Can you try to make a full song out of it?
that would make my 2018 a fucking winner year.

If I can find the project files, I can try to give it a shot! I can't exactly say if it'll turn out good though, heh.

:) cant wait