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what is that tree thing?!?!?! MYSTERY!

CroMagg responds:

I'll never tellllllllll...... ok, I'll prolly tell..


There's some great animations in here, Thanks for putting this on Scott!

scottwjsm responds:

Thank you!

Just a bit short, and frankly I don't feel that the character's response to having his home burnt down is very realistic. And wouldn't the protagonist consider that the small elf men marching into his home with gallons of gasoline might be to blame?
Over all, incredible! I hope you get that Emmy!

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MrChambers responds:

God dammit eric

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Good game, but can't beat Sproyro 2: Return of The FreshWaterSpring Monster

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Dude, This is awesome quality VA! Keep this up man!

Sawcey responds:

Thanks dude!

This has to be one of my favorite atmosphere tracks, for realsies!

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Not bad dude! The mix is a bit on the muddy side, but that doesn't really bother me all too much seeing that you were going for that atmosphere anyway.

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This is real, it's not even a painting! You just went out back and took a picture of that dragon that's been making those holes in your yard.

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icheban responds:

hahaha well I tried pretty hard to render it in a realistic manner but since there wasn't any references used I must admit, I did struggle at times.

Whoa, Jay! Buttsauce! This is freaking good!

CroMagg responds:

Thanks baby!

hey pal! 5/5! Your boy Crispy sent me!

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xscar10 responds:

While I appreciate the rating, I am very confused as to what's going on. I have no idea who crispy is, but I think you might have found the wrong person.

Hello, I hope you like the things I make, but if you don't that's fine too. Have an amazing day, yo!

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